Excite the senses

"Music is the answer", a line that is often used in music. The more I dig myself deeper into DJ'ing the more I know that this is my passion and gives me purpose and thereby meaning of that line "music is the answer". To create goosebump experiences through music as a tool is something that crosses borders, age, and what you think defines you. And that's why I think music is the answer; we can get touched by music in so many ways. Either on a rave where you enjoy with 1.000 other ravers the power of music and you get this feeling of "togetherness" or when you are alone at home and you feel the music through every cell of your body. So, we can create some togetherness through music. And I would like to give depth to the power of music. I want to use it as a platform to raise awareness. Let' use music to try to treat this planet a bit more like we should.

Raising awareness. Be conscious about the consequences of our actions and not leave a shitty earth behind for the next generations. We are not just consumers, we are not just listeners. We are in this together. Let's dance, make art and do the right thing.

Some causes that I support are